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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Grandview Dog Park

This was our second time at the Grandview Dog Park and we really like it. There's always a bunch of dogs there with their people and everyone is really friendly. There's lots of room to run, an agility course, trails with views and much more. Of course the boys favorite thing to do is play ball. Total shocker I know.

I must admit that we go to the dog park mainly for Chase. He has so much energy and we just can't burn it off around the neighborhood alone. Hopper always takes on the role of big brother and supervises Chase's play. It's totally cute. If another dog picks on Chase, Hopper takes care of it. The first pic shows Hopper looking over the play area while Chase is that tiny dot at the top. The second pic is Hopper escorting Chase back to us. LOL

We met a little girl named Annie today and she wanted to play with the boys. (Probably because she was so tiny and all of the other dogs were big and knocking her over.) We gave her the Chuck-It so she could throw the ball for Chase and it was so funny. The boys aren't socialized with kids so they don't know what to make of them. Chase kept bringing the ball back to me and verifying that this little person was an acceptable play partner and Hopper kept barking and whining because he thought she was going to hurt Chase. Anyways, I recorded the last part of their play together because it was just so darn cute.

These are a couple of scenic pics from the trails at the park. The first one is of Kent Valley and if the Hansen Dam breaks this entire area will be under water!! The second is of Mt. Ranier. It was a clear day but because it hasn't rained the atmosphere is a little murky which makes it harder to see.

Home at last and Hopper was in need of some belly rubs. He is so dirty from the park that he looks gray instead of white. Don't tell him but a bath is in his near future. =)

Backyard Fun

We've been having fabulous weather the past several weekends and we love to be outside in our backyard whenever possible. Now that it's fall, the evenings are much cooler which means we get to spend time around the fire pit with our boys. They love being outside because they get to do things like this...

Chase finally took a break from all of the play to cool his belly in the soft grass. This boy would play himself to death if we'd let him.

I know it seems like most of my pics are of Chase and that's because they are. It's because Hopper is such a momma's boy that he remains at my feet at all times unless he's doing something like this when his daddy has the camera. BTW...please excuse my appearance I only look that crappy when I'm at home in the evenings relaxing. =)

Look at these sad faces...they were disappointed because play time was over and it was time to eat dinner.

Hopper is the only one that decided to eat. Chase was trying to make a point that he doesn't have to do what we say by not eating. I wonder when he'll learn that he's always going to lose those battles. He was super hungry the next morning.

Ahhhh...the toasty fire pit. Life is good!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Potty Time!!

Renton Dog Park

Today we took the boys to the Renton Dog Park which recently opened. It's a nice park with two play areas for the dogs. I hope that they get running water for the doggies and find a way to put in some shade but other than that it is great.

The boys had a blast. Chase immediately found a toy and declared it his so none of the other dogs were allowed to play with it despite their best efforts. Hopper made some new friends which was really anyone that would love on him.


Definitely a momma's boy

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Catching Up

I spent an entire day catching up on the last 11 years with a friend from high school today. It made me realize just how much I missed her and my other friends from high school. I regret not keeping in touch with them and I vow to do better. Of course now thanks to Facebook and MySpace it is much easier to maintain contact than it was 11 years ago. That sounds like a really long time but it feels like yesterday.

We had lunch at The Ram at Kent Station and that was yummy. Then we had a Jamba Juice and that was tasty too. Before we knew it, 6 hours had passed!!! Thanks to Sylvia for spending the day with me talking about times past, present and future!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So yesterday was our 8th anniversary!!! And in case I didn't already know, I have the BEST HUSBAND IN THE WORLD!!!!! He made me a DVD of our life together thus far and it was the sweetest thing. I actually cried, which is no longer a rare occurrence. I'm getting sappy with age. Note that I said sappy not saggy.

I know that I'm absolutely horrible at keeping this blog updated and much has happened since I last posted. Let's see, there's our Alaskan cruise, my family's visit, Mark's graduation, my MILs visit, our visit to Lawton...and much more. I promise to someday post pictures but let's face it...I suck.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I went to a spin class first in like 3 years YIKES!!!...but I totally kicked ass. I don't think I'll be able to walk or go to the bathroom for at least a week but talk about major calorie burn. I always feel so accomplished when I work out and should do it more.

I admit that I went in completely dreading it because I know how intense those classes are and just how out of shape I am so the fact that I was able to keep up, even on the jumps, put me on cloud nine!!

I quickly made friends (no surprise there) and my new spinning BFF is James. He's been spinning since January and has lost 60 pounds!! Go James!! However, I will need to teach James moderation. Apparently this was his 2nd spin class today...yeah, you read that right...his 2nd.

Right now my boys are trying to make me feel better and I think Chase is losing his mind. He's in the chair with me just staring at our couch growling. His hair is standing up and everything!! Too funny!! Maybe he's trying to tell us to get a new one.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

If the dumpster's rockin...

When I saw the headline I was immediately grossed out but then couldn't help laughing. Oh the jokes that are running through my head but I will spare you. It must be a really tough economy if this was the best place they could find.

Monday, April 20, 2009


So this has been a crazy, stressful and totally unpredictable month.

First...out of the blue I got a job offer in Dallas. It was an amazing opportunity and really wish I could have taken the offer but because of the housing market I just could not swallow the loss I'd have to take on the house. It sure would have been nice to be closer to family but we really do LOVE it here in Seattle.

Second...this seems to be a month for deaths. There are 4 people that passed away in the same week and 2 of them were suicides. Talk about out of the blue and totally taken back. I'm still lost for words. has really stressed me out lately. There's a guy that I work with who never shows up before lunch and half the time he doesn't come in until after 1p. How the heck are we supposed to get his support if he's never there to support us?!?! Speaking of support, the group I'm supporting has been bringing me to the brink of insanity. They'll request something from me and two seconds later I'm getting phone calls, emails or drop ins asking the status. They'll request a status meeting for the status meeting. Give me a break already! I'd get it done faster if you'd stop micro-managing and let me do my job already. I've never missed a deadline and there's a reason I'm the "go to gal."

The only positive thing I can think of that has happened this month is my dad's birthday and the fact that I reached my 10% goal at WW. Love you dad!!

I'm generally a positive (but realistic) person and try not to dwell on the bad stuff but this month has really sucked. I'm ready for May and my Alaskan cruise.

Stepping off of my soap box now...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I took my first yoga class EVER this evening and I'm not sure what I think. There was lots of deep breathing and holding of positions while doing the deep breathing. I must admit...I'm more flexible than I give myself credit for but with me being so ADD and not handling "quiet time" well all of the deep breathing and holding positions was very trying. I did feel like I got a work out in but could not quiet my mind like they wanted. I kept making mental notes of what I needed to do and focusing on the sounds outside and looking around to see what everyone else looked like. Oh, and I was suffocating in my own boobs half the time.

I decided to take yoga because let's face it...I'm overworked, overstressed, overweight and constantly on the go. I need to learn how to unwind and have some me time. I've got five more sessions so we'll see if I can get the enjoyment and yoga body I hear so much about.

P.S. Is it wierd that I hope I'm sore tomorrow?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Mark is Graduating!!!!

Mark your calendars now! Mark is graduating on June 19th!!!! We are so excited and I am soooo proud of him!! Sorry for all of the "!" but I'm just so darn happy!! Of course now he says he may want a Masters degree. I'm not so sure since I'm ready to finally have my husband back but one can never go wrong with education. :)

I've told him I'm sending out announcements and he's thoroughly embarrassed by the thought but I don't care.

Boeing Layoffs

I have received numerous phone calls and emails asking if I will be affected by the Boeing layoffs. The answer is no...for now. Boeing plans on laying off 10,000 people this year and employs approximately 160,000 people world wide. With my clearance levels and skill set, it's not likely I'll be in that 10,000. Of course one NEVER knows especially in today's economy. Thank you for thinking of us!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Lavallee Boys Christmas

I know this is being posted many moons after Christmas but better late than never right? The boys were absolutely spoiled this shocker I know. Thanks grandma and grandpa Gatliff!!

Pictures of the boys toys and goodies.

The boys opening one of their presents. So funny.

Now the competition over toys begins.

I know this is a little fuzzy but I love that it shows them in a mad dash for their squeaky baby.

Chase won.

I absolutely adore these pics. I have the sweetest boys in the world and they are cute to boot. :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Chase 1st Birthday!!!

December 22nd was Chase's first birthday. Mommy made some birthday brownies (a recipe she found in a puppy cookbook) to celebrate the occasion. They were a BIG hit!!!

Chase taking a bite of his first birthday brownie. Look at him eating on his plate. It was too funny since he's usually such a messy eater.

Hopper was really fond of the brownies too.

All done it's clean up time.

My precious birthday boy!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

White Christmas

Okay, I know this is waaay overdue. We had like eight days of straight snow over Christmas break. It was nice but got annoying when I couldn't go anywhere for 4 days straight! Mark's car couldn't make it over the snow in the neighborhood so he took mine. Needless to say I was stuck at the house. Cabin fever anyone? So I took some pics to try to give you an idea of just how hard the snow was coming down. I think we got somewhere around 26" total during the entire storm.

This picture is of the green belt behind our house. It's beautiful living in the land of Christmas trees especially when they are covered in the snow. I love it here!!

The dogs absolutely LOVED being outside in this stuff. It was very difficult keeping the house dry with them dripping snow everywhere but they were so happy.

Chase drove me nuts most of the time but he's just too cute to stay mad at. I love the little guy but he was constantly whining and barking so he could go outside and catch the snow. It was too funny watching him out there.

Roasting weiners. Enough said.

These are pictures of the neighborhood taken at lunch time on Christmas eve. It was like being in a snow globe. This was only the 2nd time in my life I've had a White Christmas. I should mention that Mark was sick of hearing me sing that song long before Christmas. :)

Okay, so you probably want to know why a picture of the recycling bin. Well do you see all the snow on top? That was over a foot of snow and fell in less than 24 hours!!!