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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Grandview Dog Park

This was our second time at the Grandview Dog Park and we really like it. There's always a bunch of dogs there with their people and everyone is really friendly. There's lots of room to run, an agility course, trails with views and much more. Of course the boys favorite thing to do is play ball. Total shocker I know.

I must admit that we go to the dog park mainly for Chase. He has so much energy and we just can't burn it off around the neighborhood alone. Hopper always takes on the role of big brother and supervises Chase's play. It's totally cute. If another dog picks on Chase, Hopper takes care of it. The first pic shows Hopper looking over the play area while Chase is that tiny dot at the top. The second pic is Hopper escorting Chase back to us. LOL

We met a little girl named Annie today and she wanted to play with the boys. (Probably because she was so tiny and all of the other dogs were big and knocking her over.) We gave her the Chuck-It so she could throw the ball for Chase and it was so funny. The boys aren't socialized with kids so they don't know what to make of them. Chase kept bringing the ball back to me and verifying that this little person was an acceptable play partner and Hopper kept barking and whining because he thought she was going to hurt Chase. Anyways, I recorded the last part of their play together because it was just so darn cute.

These are a couple of scenic pics from the trails at the park. The first one is of Kent Valley and if the Hansen Dam breaks this entire area will be under water!! The second is of Mt. Ranier. It was a clear day but because it hasn't rained the atmosphere is a little murky which makes it harder to see.

Home at last and Hopper was in need of some belly rubs. He is so dirty from the park that he looks gray instead of white. Don't tell him but a bath is in his near future. =)

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