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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Backyard Fun

We've been having fabulous weather the past several weekends and we love to be outside in our backyard whenever possible. Now that it's fall, the evenings are much cooler which means we get to spend time around the fire pit with our boys. They love being outside because they get to do things like this...

Chase finally took a break from all of the play to cool his belly in the soft grass. This boy would play himself to death if we'd let him.

I know it seems like most of my pics are of Chase and that's because they are. It's because Hopper is such a momma's boy that he remains at my feet at all times unless he's doing something like this when his daddy has the camera. BTW...please excuse my appearance I only look that crappy when I'm at home in the evenings relaxing. =)

Look at these sad faces...they were disappointed because play time was over and it was time to eat dinner.

Hopper is the only one that decided to eat. Chase was trying to make a point that he doesn't have to do what we say by not eating. I wonder when he'll learn that he's always going to lose those battles. He was super hungry the next morning.

Ahhhh...the toasty fire pit. Life is good!!!

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