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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Weeds and Wisdom Teeth

So first thing this morning Mark got up to mow because it's like spring has come a month early and the grass was taller than a toddler. This afternoon I started pulling weeds. An effort that will continue tomorrow. I took pics of some of our plants because nobody will believe me otherwise. It's mid-WINTER and our plants that aren't supposed to bloom until late March are blooming!

Already bloomed!


These next two plants are May bloomers. Look at the size of their buds already!

So you are probably wondering where the wisdom teeth fit in with all of this. Well, Mark got his top two wisdom teeth removed this afternoon. There was alot of vomitting in the recovery room. Needless to say he and anesthesia don't get along. Then after I got him home and all fixed up he slobbered and bled in his sleep so I had to change the bedding. Poor guy. He's really being a great trooper despite it all.
He asked the doctor if he could keep his wisdom teeth since they were such a problem for him and the doc obliged. They had to break them apart to get them out so they wouldn't puncture his sinuses. WARNING: THIS PIC IS NOT FOR THE QUEASY!

Kathy Griffin

Mark and I went and saw Kathy Griffin in January. She's one of my favorite comedienne's because she just tells things as she sees them. I don't necessarily agree with everything she says but I can respect her opinion. We took a bunch of pics with my phone but none of them turned out except those of our funny faces.
Mark attempting to make a fishy face. EPIC FAIL!
My fishy face. A little scary but not too bad.
What a cute couple. =)

Granny's Birthday

She would have been 77 years old on January 20th. We love you and miss you!!!

Happy Birthday!!!

Snoqualmie Falls

So on Christmas Day (2009) we ventured to Snoqualmie Falls because we'd been having unusually cold weather for these parts and heard that the falls were frozen. It was amazing to see in person. The pictures don't really do it justice. The size of the icicles were unbelievable. Most of them were as long as Shaquille O'Neal is tall!!

Christmas 2009

I know Christmas was two months ago but better late than never right?

We had a wonderful Christmas. For those of you that don't already know, I had rhinoplasty on Dec 16th so I'm swollen in the pics you will see but there was no bruising. Yay for that!! Oh, and anesthesia and I are not friends.

Here's our Christmas tree. Like the topper?

Hopper and Chase in their new scarfs courtesy of Grammy and Pappy Gatliff.

Hopper is all about helping mommy all of the time. Even if she doesn't need it. Why would opening presents be any different?

Hmmmm....what's in the blue bag?

A Blue Ray player! Woo Hoo!!! Daddy loves mommy. =)

My parents gave us this really nice picture frame that contained our names and what they mean. Obviously I'm not a pro at taking pictures of the both of us and a gift. That's just too much to ask of the woman that is no fan of cameras. We both look like total cheese balls and you can't even really see the gift. Oh well.

The boys' toys and treats. Thanks Grammy and Pappy Gatliff!!

Love the shirt. The guy's not too bad either.

Must be an interesting read or he's doing smell the fart acting. I can't really tell.