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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I took my first yoga class EVER this evening and I'm not sure what I think. There was lots of deep breathing and holding of positions while doing the deep breathing. I must admit...I'm more flexible than I give myself credit for but with me being so ADD and not handling "quiet time" well all of the deep breathing and holding positions was very trying. I did feel like I got a work out in but could not quiet my mind like they wanted. I kept making mental notes of what I needed to do and focusing on the sounds outside and looking around to see what everyone else looked like. Oh, and I was suffocating in my own boobs half the time.

I decided to take yoga because let's face it...I'm overworked, overstressed, overweight and constantly on the go. I need to learn how to unwind and have some me time. I've got five more sessions so we'll see if I can get the enjoyment and yoga body I hear so much about.

P.S. Is it wierd that I hope I'm sore tomorrow?


The Warren Family said...

Awesome :) I've known a few people that hate yoga, but I LOVE it. Maybe once you get used to it you'll learn to calm your mind. Maybe :) lol

And I'm the same way. If you're sore then you know there was actually something going on! Plus it feels good in a weird sort of way. Right?

And thanks for the note on Hubie. Some people just don't get it.

The Lavallee Family said...

I'm hoping to love it. I'm not a member of the no pain, no gain club but I like to feel like I've actually done something.

Dan and Jess Oliver said...

where did you take the class? i might be interested in going with you. I have only done yoga at home and kinda miss it. I need some motivation to start doing it again.

The Lavallee Family said...

8 Limbs Yoga in Capitol Hill. It's a really nice studio. I went after work on Tuesday. They have a variety of classes. If you can make it up Seattle we should go sometime. :)