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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

White Christmas

Okay, I know this is waaay overdue. We had like eight days of straight snow over Christmas break. It was nice but got annoying when I couldn't go anywhere for 4 days straight! Mark's car couldn't make it over the snow in the neighborhood so he took mine. Needless to say I was stuck at the house. Cabin fever anyone? So I took some pics to try to give you an idea of just how hard the snow was coming down. I think we got somewhere around 26" total during the entire storm.

This picture is of the green belt behind our house. It's beautiful living in the land of Christmas trees especially when they are covered in the snow. I love it here!!

The dogs absolutely LOVED being outside in this stuff. It was very difficult keeping the house dry with them dripping snow everywhere but they were so happy.

Chase drove me nuts most of the time but he's just too cute to stay mad at. I love the little guy but he was constantly whining and barking so he could go outside and catch the snow. It was too funny watching him out there.

Roasting weiners. Enough said.

These are pictures of the neighborhood taken at lunch time on Christmas eve. It was like being in a snow globe. This was only the 2nd time in my life I've had a White Christmas. I should mention that Mark was sick of hearing me sing that song long before Christmas. :)

Okay, so you probably want to know why a picture of the recycling bin. Well do you see all the snow on top? That was over a foot of snow and fell in less than 24 hours!!!

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