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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

35 Weeks and Counting

So I'm a little over 35 weeks along now and I realized the other day that I can count the number of remaining weeks on one hand! It was a little unsettling yet very exciting at the same time. As everyone already knows, this pregnancy hasn't been easy on me and I'm ready for her to be out but by having her out that means breastfeeding will start. Have I mentioned how overwhelming breastfeeding seems to me? I know we'll figure it out but I feel totally unprepared. I'm sure that's common for first time mothers. =)

I had an appointment yesterday with the midwife. While overall I'm still looking good, my blood pressure was up. Not high but definitely elevated for me. We decided to wait until the next appointment to see what my blood pressure is before doing any lab work. AND despite the fact that I'm now wearing those oh so sexy compression stockings, the swelling isn't getting any better. Luckily there is no pitting so that's good news. Because of these finding I talked with my boss today about making modifications to my work area so that I can get my feet elevated like the midwife has required. Fingers crossed that this helps.

The best news is that despite the fact that I've been sick this entire pregnancy, I'm still gaining weight even if it's not much. Despite my low weight gain, they are estimating Lexi will be around 8lbs!!!

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