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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ginger's Visit

My sister came to visit for a week and I thoroughly enjoyed our time together. She kept her phone on vibrate and only texted occasionally so we were actually able to have a conversation. It was GREAT!!

Unfortunately, Mark got sick and spent most of the days she was here in the bathroom, poor fella. I was like a single mother taking care of him and getting her ready for a wedding on Saturday. I guess it was practice for my days as a mom.

Here are a few pics of my sister and her date Abe at the wedding. Isn't she BEAUTIFUL? I think she was the prettiest girl there. =)

The boys love their Auntie Ginger. They were sad to see her go. After all she did play with them and love on them and let Chase pee on her. LOL

Ginger and Chase on the one occasion he didn't pee on her. =)

Hopper and his Ginger...he just loves to love.

We didn't get many pics of us until the last day. We went to Pike's Market and then ate lunch at the Hard Rock before coming back.

No I'm not wearing makeup and yes this does look odd. We took like 5 pictures and none of them turned out. Ginger was adamant that we get a picture of the two of us that showed off my baby bump. The problem was that when we were standing together my belly engulfed her and it looked like I had two heads. Thus I rotated and this was the result. LOL

Ginger snuck a pic of me using my belly table. Chase is in his usual position while I'm on the laptop looking utterly bored since we aren't playing ball. This is an extremely unflattering picture.

This has got to be the funniest picture taken to date. All credit is given to Ginger. She wanted to see Mark and I compare the size of our bellies. Mark wins...for now. I like to call this kissing bellies.


The Warren Family said...

LOL AWESOME! I love that last picture :-) Mike and I also compared a couple months ago and he also won, but I didn't get a picture! lol However; since then his belly keeps shrinking and mine keeps getting bigger, so now I definitely win hands down.

Looks like you had a great time with your sister! That's awesome!!

And you look GREAT!!

The Lavallee Family said...

Thanks Sylvia!! It's getting harder to get out of the reclining chairs. I can't imagine how big I'll be in a few months. That task will be nearly impossible. LOL