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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Absolute Cuteness - Pictures

I LOVE her gummy smiles!!

Hopper was "helping" with the laundry. He was soooo excited to find this tiny little sock. So perfect for a tiny little weiner dog.

Mommy said to release it and like a good boy, he did just that. If only I had the time to teach him to put it in the basket. That could come in really handy when Lexi's older. =)

These bunny slippers are sooo cute but unfortunately she was only able to wear them a few times. Apparently she's going to have ape feet like her Aunt Ginger. LOL

Even when she's unhappy she's adorable. I will be doing a follow on post to this one that will have nothing but videos. There will be a video showing exactly why she is in such a state of distress.

A few days before I went back to work, we got to meet up with a few of the girls for lunch. I thoroughly enjoyed it for many reasons but two big ones 1) I finally got to eat a warm meal and 2) I got a heads up as to what kind of mess was awaiting my return.

Lexi is finally beginning to enjoy the swing at two months. It's perfect to use when she's fighting sleep. She'll fuss for a few minutes at first then she's out like a light. It's heaven sent when your arms and back are about to give out.

These next two pictures make me laugh. She's got these crazy eyes. I've got a video I'll publish in the follow on post that shows why she has these crazy eyes. I was laughing sooooo hard.

She's still too small for her bouncer but it doesn't stop me from putting her in it with the support of a blanket. Of course I'm right there at all times so don't worry Grammy, she's not in any danger. She loves all of the toys on it. I can't wait for her to be able to reach them herself.

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