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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Weeds and Wisdom Teeth

So first thing this morning Mark got up to mow because it's like spring has come a month early and the grass was taller than a toddler. This afternoon I started pulling weeds. An effort that will continue tomorrow. I took pics of some of our plants because nobody will believe me otherwise. It's mid-WINTER and our plants that aren't supposed to bloom until late March are blooming!

Already bloomed!


These next two plants are May bloomers. Look at the size of their buds already!

So you are probably wondering where the wisdom teeth fit in with all of this. Well, Mark got his top two wisdom teeth removed this afternoon. There was alot of vomitting in the recovery room. Needless to say he and anesthesia don't get along. Then after I got him home and all fixed up he slobbered and bled in his sleep so I had to change the bedding. Poor guy. He's really being a great trooper despite it all.
He asked the doctor if he could keep his wisdom teeth since they were such a problem for him and the doc obliged. They had to break them apart to get them out so they wouldn't puncture his sinuses. WARNING: THIS PIC IS NOT FOR THE QUEASY!

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